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Kyo-Un Roshi

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I was a Zen student of Yamada Ko-un Roshi for fifteen years, until his death. For six years I lived in close contact with him in the zendo in Kamakura, and gave up my job in order to spend those years practising Zazen under his guidance. I spent many hours each day sitting in his Zendo and I went to Dokusan regularly.

I got to know him as a Zen master not just in Teishos and Sesshins, but also through personal everyday contact. Only after I had gained enough experience did he allow me to study koans. After going through all the koans with him, he conferred on me the authorisation to teach Zen in 1981.

I deepened my Zen practice by continuous practice in sitting cross-legged (Zazen) and repeated visits to K么-un Roshi’s centre in Kamakura. The result of all this is that I am now passing on the form of Zen which he taught, and above all, which he lived. In 1983 K么-un Roshi, along with abbot Fidelis from M眉nsterschwarzbach consecrated the Zendo in W眉rzburg, confirming me as a Zen teacher in a public ceremony.

In 1996 Kubota-Roshi, the former abbot of the Sanb么ky么dan school, conferred on me the Certificate of Dharma Transmission, also confirming me definitively as a Zen master, and the 87thsuccessor of Shakyamuni Buddha. Since then the most important task of my life, along with the teaching of contemplation, has been to guide people on their spiritual journey towards Zen. K么-un Roshi, a man with both feet firmly on the ground, taught me that life is the most important koan of all, a journey of life itself, completely independent of any religion. I therefore teach the Zen of the Sanb么ky么dan school, the Zen I have inherited from K么-un Roshi and which I am now passing on.

In June 2009, I founded a new Zen lineage, which I have named after my Dharma name “Leere Wolke (“Empty Cloud”). The new lineage is to be seen as a spiritual journey to the heart, supporting people living in modern Western societies in their complex lives. This new Zen lineage, with its base at the Benediktushof in Holzkirchen, is intended to reach out to today's society, showing them a path that will help them to achieve personal enlightenment and helping them to assume responsibility for the world.

On 23 October 2009 in the Bailin Temple, Chan grand-master Jing Hui – in the presence of Ming Hai, Chan master and abbot – conferred on me the Dharma, confirming me as the 45thsuccessor of the Chan master Lin chi (Japanese: Rinzai).

Willigis J盲ger



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