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Zen is Zen and will always be Zen, irrespective of whether it is taught and practised in the East or the West. The core of Zen is always the same, aimed at experiencing reality. To do this, Zen points to an inner experiential existence transcending our rational capabilities - “Satori”, though is difficult to actually describe it in words.


Practising Zen involves a journey pulling the rug from under our feet and leaving us floating in a timeless universe. Our ego sees the world as it were through a pair of glasses. But this world we see is not the true reality.


Representatives of quantum physics and neuroscience now openly admit that this supposed reality eludes them and that there must be a "level" above or behind not understandable through rational thinking. Zen has also changed its appearance over time, influenced by the culture and in particular the language of each country practising it. But even so, it is just the outer appearance that has changed, not its core.


The intention of Zen is to guide us to a level that is the same for everyone. We just have to arrive there. Once there, it no longer matters which culture, nationality or religion we belong to or what ideology we follow. The new Zen lineage is an attempt to communicate this path in the Western world.


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