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┬á“My soul rejoices in flesh. Oh my flesh and my limbs, in which I took up dwelling, how grateful I am that I was sent to You, that You and I are at one, and that You send me out to the eternal reward. The soul rejoices in coming to life in the body”.

(St. Hildegard von Bingen).


The path to being goes via the body. Anyone looking at spiritual pathways will find out that the body can be a reliable companion on the road to a reality transcending all words, definitions and images.


Presence in breathing, sitting, walking, dancing, in chants and posture, are all ways of attaining a contemplative attitude, a mystic comprehension of everyday life.

“Our deepest being is reflected much more in our bodies than previously thought.


The unity of consciousness, intellect, mind and material is manifested in our bodies. There it can be experienced. At the same time the body can be seen as the soundboard of consciousness. There can be no music without an instrument. Though it might sound strange, our consciousness is much better played using our bodies as an instrument than when using intellect. The body is our partner, leading us into the present, into being. If we are not fully present, then something is missing.”


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